Friday, January 31, 2014

Magic Item of the Week: The Minion's Sword

   I like henchmen in my campaigns.
  The Minion's Sword (also called the Lieutenant's Sword or the Companion Blade) is typically either a longsword or broadsword but can be any type of sword, including scimitar or falchion. It is made of high-quality steel, has an excellent balance, and feels comfortable in the hand. The blade has decorative etchings along the center, a hilt wrapped in silver wire, and its crossguard/hilt is either chased in silver or gilt. The hilt further has a number of small precious stones (garnets, topaz, or similar) and the pommels has a larger stone (amber, amethyst, etc.) but none of the stones are ever 'top quality' like diamond or ruby.
  When unsheathed and held the sword sheds light in a 20' radius. It is immune to rust and makes all saves at +2. The sword has no bonuses to hit or to damage but can strike any creature (i.e., the sword can inflict damage on, say, werewolves or iron golems as if it had the required to hit bonus). The reason for its name is its magical effect upon the weilder. If wielded by a henchman or hireling the wielder has a +5% loyalty and +10% morale bonus while wearing or carrying the sword. If the Minion's Blade was given to the henchman or hireling by his employer as payment or reward those bonuses increase to a total of +15% loyalty and morale bonus and anytime the wielder is compelled to harm his employer (from the effects of a Charm Person or similar effect) the wielder gets an immediate save at +2 to end the compulsion.