Sunday, January 2, 2022

The WASP War, an Atlantaverse Update

 Strap in, folks, this is the summary of 8 years of roleplaying. Back in 2013 I started a new Champions campaign with my oldest sons and many of their friends. They players have changed and everyone followed my 'every players has multiple characters' rule, and we ended up with multiple games with multiple GMs in a shared universe, so there have been a LOT of PC heroes! The 8 years of real time have equaled about 8 years of game time, for various fun reasons involving session timing. Because of a statement made by a player in 2014 we started calling this sprawling shared shared campaign the Atlantaverse.

  When I started the campaign I made a new, unique setting of an Earth like ours that had minor history divergences in 1801 and 1908 and a major one in 1938. By the time the first game started in-universe in 2013 the Atlantaverse had superheroes, supervillains, mages, aliens, and trans-dimensional visitors. The United States in-universe is a parliamentary system with 3 major and 7 minor political parties. And so on. All told with the contributions of players and other GMs the Atlantaverse grew so big, so complex, and so interconnected that my licensed setting book will be released in 2022.

  But one of the antagonists in the Atlantaverse, the first villains they ever faced, is WASP. WASP is a mysterious international organization that combines organized crime, terrorism, radical ideology, and cybercrime. Their uniformed agents are about on par with the soldiers of standing armies but armed with bleeding-edge weapons, allowing them to go toe-to-toe with any conventional forces and win.  Their elite troops are bionically and genetically enhanced and have even better armor and weapons, making them equal to low-level supervillains. Divided into cells that make it virtually impossible to attack the organization as a while WASP has been a thorn in the side of the heroes from literally Day One of the campaign. Their secret origin is available to my patrons on my Patreon page (see the sidebar).

  So the players all agreed that their long-erm goal was to take down all of WASP. This weekend, they succeeded. This is a summary of what the in-universe press calls the WASP War.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Epic Adventures: A Few Examples

 I spoke with a number of players, both those currently active and those from the past(!) about adventures they felt were epic, the sorts of adventures yu still talk about years later. They all pretty much agreed on a list of the most epic adventures, which follows.

Monday, December 6, 2021

New Blogging Arc - Epic Adventures!

   By special request I am doing an arc on epic adventures. To prepare for this I have spent a few days talking to current and former players about the adventures they felt were the biggest, baddest, and most epic. From them I have picked a few examples and will use them to describe how you can run the sorts of sessions that players talk about 30 years later!

  To pass this along I will start with a few posts and podcasts about examples of epic adventures. Then I will discuss the elements I think are required to make an epic adventure. Then some discussion of the options that can take the epic to the unforgettable. Finally I will wrap up with a live Q&A about adventure design. 

  Stay tuned for more details!

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Play report: Blackstone

   On Black Friday we had a long, involved session set in Blackstone, my AD&D 2e Players Option campaign, which is 14 years old ('the new campaign').

The party:
Disco (6th level fighter, master of the battle axe) [Alex]
Joan (6th level cleric, front line fighter) [Jen]
Albrecht (6th level mage, creator of the School of Healing) [Jack]
Alazne (7th level thief, assistant guildmaster of East Port) [Sam]
Lawrence (6th level mage, master of Song magic) [Nick]

Atlantaverse: Massive Update

  Hello, all! Over the last 60 days we've done about 12 Champions sessions from San Mateo to Atlanta to Teens. Some of these had play reports on the Discord, others for Patrons only, and a few will be in upcoming podcasts. Here are some of the highlights.

Operation SKYBROOM: Off screen many NPC heroes and 2 PC heroes are involved in a United Earth Space Defense project to clear out low-orbit debris to make the launch of new orbital gear safer and to make more frequent trips to and from Bifrost Station (the low orbit UESD station) possible.

The San Francisco Bay Supervillains: The heroes of San Mateo are contending with a new team of supervillains, many with mental powers. A series of fights in Sacramento recently occurred and seemed to be draws each time.

Major Battle in Seattle: A new team of supervillains appeared in Seattle in November and stunned the area by defeating Amazing Lass II! The Amazing Family has not issued a statement.

Teen Champions: The teen heroes fo Atlanta finally defeated MasterMind and his minions, rescued the supervillain Cricket from blackmail (she is now in rehabilitation training with ICICLE). While taking out MasterMind they learned he was using gear from the vault of a long-abandoned WASP nest. Inside they found a stasis tube and opened it, freeing Amazing Man, Jr, a sidekick who vanished in 1971! Amazing Man, Jr is now at the Atlanta Temporal Displacement Counseling Center and, like Cricket, will be with the Teen Champions for a while.
  Meanwhile TechnoShaman has access to a WASP computer node and will attempt to transport the team into cyberspace in a bid to be the first people to ever hack a WASP computer system!

The Champions of Atlanta: Their War Against WASP might be entering the final phase! WASP sent an elite strike team consisting of 20 flight troops, 30 heavy troops, and the supervillains Iron Wasp, Steel beetle, Tarantula, and Killer Bee after the team. No avail as the Champions defeated the WASP team (after a long slug fest of epic proportions, Truly a Jack Kirby Two Page Spread worthy fight!). In an amazing blow to WASP the Champions were able to figure out that WASP computer nodes are based on alien technology. Working with a team of trustworthy superheroes they have sent what they know to ICICLE. ICICLE is now working on a program in their lab on Asgard Station (the geosynchronous UESD station over the Greenwich Mean Line) and believe they will be able to access the WASP Net within weeks! Animus is standing by for a major data breach attack on WASP ASAP.
  Operation: SKYBROOM is a cover mission allowing as many space-capable heroes to be in position to defend Asgard as possible.

Next Session: The Teen Champions enter Cyberspace!

Friday, October 8, 2021

Psychotronic Gaming: Multiple Characters per Player

   One of the things I have been writing about for some time is the positive impact of every players having multiple characters available for play. They can be if widely varying levels, but in my experience by the time you are on your 5th or6th session as a group of players everyone should have at least 2 characters each.

  But how do you manage this?