Monday, November 6, 2023

Play Report: Skull Mountain

   At the end of the last Skull Mountain session the PCs had retreated to safety at Owen's redoubt, met with visiting elves, and recovered from injuries for some time. A lot happened away from table with them and with many other PCs slowing their return. But yesterday they returned, the same players and so on

  The party re-negotiated passage beyond the Space Slug and trudged down the miles of tunnels between there and the Monster Maze. After a long trip they sent animal scouts through the maze and learned that Rupert was deep inside, eating a meal, so they pressed on the more miles to the Midden.

  The Midden is where to different massive sections of the Eastern Tunnels both drain into, all of the moisture, sludge, etc of the two miles-log segment oozing its way ito the same area. A brownie familiar that scouted the area over a game-year ago reported seeing an eyestalk so the PCs assume a neo-otyugh lives in the massive cavern full of sewage and runoff.

  Once at the entrance they used Summoned goblins to scout ahead but none returned. The party got into fighting marching order and turned the corner - to see a lush garden room full of green sward surrounded by rosebushes and on a far throne a beautiful princess in a golden crown.

  Seeker fired off Detect Illusion and it was all an illusion, all right. The knee-deep filth was everywhere and the "princess" was an otyugh that was casting a spell!

  The main fighters, Ingrid, Seeker, Starfalcon, and Clint, all used various means to fly over the sludge and to get to the otyugh for battle. The otyugh got off the spell but Clint saved so the Phantasmal Killer had no effect on him.

  As the main fighters closed in on the 'princess' another otyugh rose out of the slime to attack the front wall of henchmen warriors with the main party as a slithering tracker paralyzed the Doit (a henchman) at the back!

  Cue five rounds of fierce fighting versus two extremely large and tough otyughs and an eventual total of 5 slithering trackers. Many were hurt, many were paralyzed, but the party prevailed. As the henchmen and more Summoned creatures began to sweep the vast cavern for hidden loot Seeker used hs broom to fly up to the odd light at the center of the cavern roof to be promptly attacked by the two Will-o-Wisps trapped inside a cage there! Cue another battle, mainly of the many, many Magic Missile spells this particular party can cast.

  Seeker examined the cage that had held the Will-o-Wisps and removed it but decided to check the area for secret doors and found one. A few spells later and the Symbol of Death us untriggered and removed and they found one of the Hidden Treasure Rooms of the Golem Master.

  The party very carefully went through the small space and got the magic and money secured and went ANOTHER mile or two down the Eastern Caverns before coming to the Misty Caverns. Realizing that the caverns were under the Misdirection and Mist effects of a Guards and Wards they turned back to safety, once more going to Owen's place.

  The entire party had to spend over a week using magic to get rid of the multiple diseases and parasites every single party member had and divided the loot.

  The recap is short but the session was long!

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