Sunday, March 28, 2021

DM's Report: Solo Adventure - Sir William

   Most of the players in Seaward are content with the PCs they have, but Jack wants a new one. So now we're doing Discord-based solos 1-2 times a month. Last week was the first session.

The Character:

Sir William, 2nd level Paladin. LG. Mail & Plate with shield (A.C. 3); lance, long sword, crossbow.

    Henchman: Karl the Unlucky, 1st level Scoundrel. LG. Leather armor (A.C.  8); club, dagger

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Seaward, GM's Report: The Spring Tourneys

   Once again, it is Spring in Seaward! The players got out the ir PCs and prepared for the even of the year1

The Characters
Jen played Trixie Finespark, gnomish cleric/thief, 3rd/3rd
Jack played Lenard, nobleman, 4th
Alex played Gari Byuzi, mage, 4th
Sam played Ludwig, nobleman, 4th
Nick played Anarawn, bard, 4th
Henchmen were Murdain (magic-user, 2nd), Maura (religious brother, 3rd), and Emerson (man-at-arms, 3rd)

Details on tourneys are found here.