Thursday, December 9, 2021

Epic Adventures: A Few Examples

 I spoke with a number of players, both those currently active and those from the past(!) about adventures they felt were epic, the sorts of adventures yu still talk about years later. They all pretty much agreed on a list of the most epic adventures, which follows.

Monday, December 6, 2021

New Blogging Arc - Epic Adventures!

   By special request I am doing an arc on epic adventures. To prepare for this I have spent a few days talking to current and former players about the adventures they felt were the biggest, baddest, and most epic. From them I have picked a few examples and will use them to describe how you can run the sorts of sessions that players talk about 30 years later!

  To pass this along I will start with a few posts and podcasts about examples of epic adventures. Then I will discuss the elements I think are required to make an epic adventure. Then some discussion of the options that can take the epic to the unforgettable. Finally I will wrap up with a live Q&A about adventure design. 

  Stay tuned for more details!