Monday, August 23, 2021

DM Play Report, Champions 6e: Atlantaverse - Pulp

The adventurers:

Jack: Francis Xavier 'Frank' O'Brien, called 'Philosopher' by cops and criminals alike. An International Courier and P.I. based in Chicago, he specializes in cases involving ghosts and magic. Can see auras and his gun can fie 'ghost bullets'.

Sam: Edward Oliver Wilson Arthur John 'Hammy' Hamm-Smythe, called 'The Mask'.  Amateur archaeologist and professional polo player. Wields numerous magical artifacts.

    Edmund. Hammy's valet is Edmund, a gorilla of Gorillaville in Africa. Human-level intelligence and speaks French. Other seem to never notice he is a gorilla until it is pointed out to them.

Nick: Grigore Zugravescu, Carpathian nobleman called 'The Baron'. Master of mystical 'sunshine boxing' techniques and a vampire hunter.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Play Report for Vampire: the Masquerade

 Son #4, Nick, offered to run a few V:tM sessions and we said 'yes'. Last night was the first session.

Players and Characters-

Me: Juan, an 8th generation Brujah. Dressed like a high-end lawyer he is very political but remains a Brujah killing machine.

Jack: Miles, 10th generation Malkavian. Focused on mystical knowledge and his manic-depression, dressed like a business manager, excellent marksman.

Alex: Stanton, 10th generation Tremere focused on magical powers. Dressed as an Anglican priest from the 800's.

Sam: Ratboy, 10th generation Nosferatu. Dressed like a 1930's stage magician in a velvet tuxedo. Rich from money-laundering and information brokering.