Friday, August 30, 2019

More Fortieth Anniversary Adventure

  The crew returned to Skull Mountain, re-established base camp in the Garden, and went through the Trap Maze (finding that every single trap was reset except for the one on the secret entrance to the wizard's study) and were soon in the teleporter room in the hidden niche on Level One. With some careful experimentation the following happened.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Fortieth Anniversary Adventure

  Which continues this weekend, naturally.

  The main party headed through the Briars to Skull Mountain. On the way they met stragglers from Whitehill's army and killed them all. A dozen or so large spiders had taken up residence in the Entrance Cavern; the party shooed them back with fire and entered the North Door, checking the areas for disturbances.
  All was in order so they entered the Pilgrims' Hall and travelled the long way to the Pilgrims' Stairs. In the Chapel they found the body of a female verbeeg, dead no more than 2 weeks. She had been cut down by a hobgoblin's poisoned dart.In her pouch was a message asking the company to assist them as they were besieged by hobgoblins.
  The party immediately struck out to the Garden Level and set all the hirelings and supplies with the 'camp guards' henchman team and struck out through the Cavern of Herds (finding another dead verbeeg messenger) and the Trog Tunnels. After the almost 4 mile trek they spotted a hobgoblin camp at the junction with Hobgoblin Highway. A force of 80 hobgoblin warriors with onagers and ballistae were behind a barrier and firing on the verbeeg wall and about 120 hobgoblin females, slaves (mainly goblins with a handful of kobolds), and such were in the main camp.
  The party hit the main camp like a thunderbolt, cutting their way through them rapidly and engaging the warriors with a strong frontline and spells. The verbeeg sortied out and the hobgoblin warriors, surrounded, were cut down to the last.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

My Campaign Turns 40 Years Old

    There is a bit of an argument; I thought I started Seaward on August 18, 1979 but my old friend George (who played a ranger) insists it was the 11th.
  Either way, we're celebrating today!

  The party is trying to get to (what they call) Level Four in Skull Mountain. I think they'll clear it easily. Then (what they will probably call) Level Five - which might kill them all. If so they will join about 17 other PCs that have died there.

  We are also, naturally, having adult beverages and a cake as well as a LOT of beef.

  My keen insight on running a long campaign? Try here.