Saturday, July 31, 2021

DM Report: Expedition to Eagle Valley

   The crew finally decided to head to Eagle Valley to see what they could learn about the Duke of Bandits and his incursions on the Seaward frontier. The players and PCs:

Jennifer: Brigid, 8th level barbarian, wielder of Mor Altach, the berserker's blade.

   henchman: Byron, 7th level cleric.

Jack: Athanasius, 7th level cleric.

   henchman: Carlton, 5th level paladin

    henchman: Chiun, 6th level monl

Alex: Starkiller, 5th/5th/5th fighter/mage/cleric

Sam: Greystar, 7th level mage

    henchman: Alton, 6th level cleric

    henchman: Benton, 6th level fighter

Nick: Thorin, 6th/6th fighter/thief

Monday, July 19, 2021

DM Report of Play: Into the Northwest!

 A quick session on Sunday was a ton of fun. The players and characters were:

Jack - Lenard, 4th level nobleman

Sam - Ludwig, 4th level nobleman

Nick - Akira, 7th level monk

Theo - Sir Dredd, 5th level fighter

Daniel - Sanguinius, 5th level cleric

Henchmen - a religious brother, a hedge mage, a bushi, an wu-jen/ninja, and a man-at-arms, all 3rd level

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Patron-only Blog Post Up

   Just an FYI, I lost my day job to layoffs (based on supply chain issues) so I am gently reminding people of my Patreon.

  And adding more value to it, of course. Podcasts will come back to the Patreon page, too.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

One Heck of a Side Mission

   Last night three players set out to check on side effects of the destruction of the Deep Altar as well as scout the top levels of Skull Mountain. It was pitched as a 'short little scout in force'.

Jack played Seeker and Seeker's henchmen

Sam played Conrad and his many henchmen

Nick played Anarawn, who can't have henchmen yet

Both Anarawn and Conrad had never been to the mountain before.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Midsummer at Skull Mountain

   It's that time again! The players prepared for Midsummer and sent in a pretty serious team of PCs.

Jack played Seeker, a 7/7 Mage/Thief. He brought two henchmen

Alex played Starfalcon, a 6th level elf ranger

Jennifer played Ingrid, a 7th level fighter. She brought two henchmen.

Nick played Talner, a 7th level cleric. he brought two henchmen.

Sam played Clint, a 6th level paladin. He brought 5 henchmen.

Sam also began play with Clarence, a 6th/6th fighter/ninja. he brought one henchman.

Seeker had his 4 heavy crossbowmen and 4 heavy footmen from his level. The other players combined added 8 more heavy brossbowmen and 8 more heavy footmen as well as a cook, a healer, and a valet.