Saturday, April 4, 2020

Seaward - the Company of the Dark Moon

In the Seaward Campaign the majority of the PCs are in the Company of the Dark Moon with a royal charter from the king himself. They are up to things!

  Seeker, the fighter/thief head of sneak for the Company is busy.

In the Air- Using his broom he flew the hippogriff eggs they found to the grove of the Great Druid in the Briars and parkeyed with them, getting advice on how to destroy the evil elemental altars in Skull Mountain. The Druids warned him that if he did too much good in the Mountain the Guardian of the Monster Pit would awaken and unleash an army of foul monsters to destroy him 'as befell every other adventurer who attempted to purge the Mountain.' He thanked them rested the night, and flew on.
  At the mountaintop fortress of Heruhoth. Heruhoth agreed to raise and train one of the hippogriffs for the company with the second as payment. Heruhoth told him the location of the tower of the Mad Mage and the limits of the range of the Dragons of the Greywalls.
  Seeker rested, then flew on.
  After days of flight he arrived in the dwarven fortress- city of Khuzdhun. After a few days of negotiating a band of dwarven craftsmen set off for Skull Mountain!
  Seeker rested, then flew on.
  Arriving back at Skull Mountain he used several charges from a Stone of Earth Elementals to have an earth elemental carve out a rough level of his own in the Mountain. As it finished the dwarves arrived (escorted by the Company, using the Egress and the Secret Trail). The dwarves finished the level and returned home.

Not shown - the secret tunnels to the Cavern of Herds and the Egress

 Perched on a shoulder of the Mountain he has a secret ground-level entrance, access to the Deep (juuuust below the range of the turrets), a long tunnel to a secret entrance to the Pilgrim's Hall, and another that leads to both the Cavern of Herds and the Egress. 

  Leader of the Company, Clint was busy staffing the fortress the King tasked them with running for him. After hiring a number of troops, repairing and rebuilding parts of the fortress, repairing the motte and bailey at the ford, establishing patrol schedules, he decided to make a real mark.
  He hired craftsmen from Seaward to come in a full  inn and tavern complex halfway between the fortress and the ford and brought in an innkeeper as half-owner. He then sent people through the kingdom and the surrounding lands letting them know that any man that came to the area would get 30 acres and if the by then od of two years the land had a home and crops he would get 5 silvers.

  The senior mage of the party (7th level) has set off on his flying carpet for the University, that fables hall of arcane knowledge outside of Robias, the City of One Hundred Towers. He is seeking a sage that can tell him of the Mad Mage, the Wizard of the Tower, the Witch of the Fens, and the other powerful evil mages that bedevil the area.

The Dungeon Master
  I am spending Sunday updating maps and re-writing encounter charts!

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