Saturday, August 17, 2019

My Campaign Turns 40 Years Old

    There is a bit of an argument; I thought I started Seaward on August 18, 1979 but my old friend George (who played a ranger) insists it was the 11th.
  Either way, we're celebrating today!

  The party is trying to get to (what they call) Level Four in Skull Mountain. I think they'll clear it easily. Then (what they will probably call) Level Five - which might kill them all. If so they will join about 17 other PCs that have died there.

  We are also, naturally, having adult beverages and a cake as well as a LOT of beef.

  My keen insight on running a long campaign? Try here.


  1. We celebrate a campaign lasting two years! Lol

    It is an amazing achievement. I refer of course to knowing the date of your first adventure :)

  2. Congratulations, looking forward to more excerpts.

  3. The hope of more Skull Mountain activity always brings me back. Did folks know Rick has a patreon?

  4. That's a hell of an accomplishment! Congrats to you and your group for a campaign most DMs only dream of.

  5. Congratulations. After 23 years of playing and running games i decide to start a definitive AD&D campaign as corona chan go away.