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Seaward, GM's Report: The Spring Tourneys

   Once again, it is Spring in Seaward! The players got out the ir PCs and prepared for the even of the year1

The Characters
Jen played Trixie Finespark, gnomish cleric/thief, 3rd/3rd
Jack played Lenard, nobleman, 4th
Alex played Gari Byuzi, mage, 4th
Sam played Ludwig, nobleman, 4th
Nick played Anarawn, bard, 4th
Henchmen were Murdain (magic-user, 2nd), Maura (religious brother, 3rd), and Emerson (man-at-arms, 3rd)

Details on tourneys are found here.
  NPCs of Note
Janosz, Baron Gravac. From Banath. His tenth year. A middling jouster and swordsman who was not competing this year. Travels with his son Virchek and his wife Lady Mara and the mage Ivor. His entourage includes 12 guardsmen and 8 servants. Famous for his entertaining, it is said he travels the circuit just to throw and attend parties.
Virchek. Son of Janosz, his first year actually jousting.

Sir Urich of Eagle Valley. From Seaward. A competent swordsman and jouster, has competed in three previous years. Travels with his conroi, consisting of his sergeant Broca, two yeomen named Varn and Yancy, his maiden aunt Alyss, a bard Mick, and a valet named Tanner. Known for his fiery temper, but a good friend of Ludwig.

Vasili, Lord Lord Zorek. From Morath. After 2 years away his return. A very good jouster. Accompanied by his brother Emile, and Brother Tomas and Sister Sasha with retinuue.

Captain Rox. From Adrian. The very first competitor from Adrian (officially). Since Adrian is a Free City it has no nobles so normally cannot formally compete. The Crown Prince allowed their best to participate this year as a test. Brought his wife and staff.

Evan, Lord Greenfield. Has not jousted in 16 years. Accompanied by his wife, 16 year old daughter, and staff A former tourney champion.

Arthur O' The Lake. And incognito fighter. Accompanied by all incognito staff of Rob the Tinker, Will the Tailor, Dan the Soldier, and Nyssa the Spry.

Vincent O' the Sea. Incognito. Accompanied by Castagir the Sergeant, Allysara Sweatbread, and staff

Ekull- The party was on edge since the last three years were a scheme of poisonings, assassinations, and intrigue, but the first round (involving the PCs, all the notables but Vincent, and a few local jousters) was a blast of jousting, swordfighting, and bardic competition. Trixie and Anarawn kept a close eye on things while also having fun. Lenard and Ludwig leapt into the lead immediately.
  In a bit of humiliation Lenard defeated Rox so badly he had to drop out of the rest of the tourneys.

Wyvern Keep- Vincent joined the tourney, as did a few locals. Trixie immediately twigged to something odd since the local field mice were so terrified of Castagir they wouldn't talk or scout for her. Anarawn spent time with Castagir and was convinced he was normal if odd, but the party was unsure. 
Lenard and Ludwig kept dominating, although Vincent and Evan proved to be exceptionally skilled. The party decided to test Castagir's stated phobia of mice with spells only to have Castagir appear with glowing blue eyes before leaving in a whirlwind. 

  The party was a little nonplussed.

  A search and questioning revealed that Castagir had hired the (innocent) Vincent and Allysara to compete. It also turned up a letter from Castagir proving he was Baron Samedhi in disguise.
the party after realizing they originally planned to threaten him

  It took the party very little time to realize that if you are first in the tourneys over all or first in Seaward (and you have to be top half in a previous tourney to compete in Seaward) you get to visit the Royal Island. They deduced Samedhi was trying to get Vincent to win so Vincent and his entourage (i.e., Baron Samedhi) could visit the Royal Island.

  They rushed to Seaward and eventually competed and in a thrilling conclusion Lenard and Ludwig were forced to joust each other with Ludwig narrowly winning, thus Lenard was first overall and Ludwig first in Seaward. The party plus Clint and Seeker then spent two days on the royal island.

  On the island all were warmly welcomed since the Prince was close to the main party and his wife, Vasilissa, was close friends with Seeker. In short order the royal family and the leaders of the Company of the Dark Moon were trading notes and learned:

1) There is, indeed, another control station (Secondary Command) under the Royal Island. 
It had an enchanted control chair with a joy stick (!) and VR helmet (!!) designed by 'the mad dwarf' that allowed them to scan out to 100 miles. The royal family knew a few (4) of the command codes

2) The Eldar used the money they made to fuel the spelljammers of their shadowy masters, the devilfish (mind flayers) and the Duke of the Moon was fighting to regain his original domain.

3) Samedhi had been 'just' trying to conquer locally until very recently, when he started desperately trying to get to the Secondary Command stations.

4) The Device may, may, be in the Tower and is the source of the power of the Wizard in the Tower.

5) The Eldar have the (very expensive and difficult) ability to summon the Lurker.

6) Robias utterly defeated Baron Samedhi's attempts on their city

  Plus a bit more.

  A bit of contemplation made them realize that when we had guest players in the main campaign their random button pressing in a substation is what told Samedhi the importance of the Secondary Commands.

  In the end the King charged the Company with the duty of finding, and dealing with, the bandit City of Freetown.

Overall a GREAT session with a ton of fun for eveyone. The jousting rules are a favorite.

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