Thursday, December 9, 2021

Epic Adventures: A Few Examples

 I spoke with a number of players, both those currently active and those from the past(!) about adventures they felt were epic, the sorts of adventures yu still talk about years later. They all pretty much agreed on a list of the most epic adventures, which follows.

Most recent epic adventure - the Battle of Eagle Valley. After over 7 years of real-world build up the party and allied armies faced the army of the Bandit Duke.  Play report here.  A combination of intrigue, spy catching, mass combat, and multiple duels.

The epic adventure that everyone thought was going to be a TPK without being a TPK - the Assault on Lord Whitehill's Castle. This is the lead up to the adventure and a full podcast of the main adventure will be made soon. Several large-scale battles culminating in the siege of a mighty fortress, an assault, and the toughest PC party vs NPC party they players have ever seen.

The largest scale epic adventure - the Elvish-Orcish War. A description with mass combat notes is here. A series of ambushes and skirmishes ending with a massive battle between two armies as PCs attempted to swing the results to a win for the good guys.

The most epic Defend the Fortress session - the Defense of J.C.'s Castle, described here. Mass combat, snipers, and holding the breach!

The most epic TPK ever - A forthcoming podcast will tell this tale. A party that took scouting too far and a desperate Last Stand of 6 PCs and their henchmen against an entire army.

The epic adventure everyone, and I mean everyone, thought was most epic - the Battle of Tolmar. Described here and here. This one had it all; death priests, mass combat, dodging patrols of ghouls, duels of honor, ambushes, and more. 

  Please at least glance at one or two in preparation of my upcoming notes on how to make an epic adventure.

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