Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Magic Item of the Week - The Spear of Pain

  This spear is of unknown origin, originally found deep beneath Mount Thunder in the hoard of an Ogre Mage assassin. The Spear of Pain has a shaft of a metal that resembles iron and is as strong as steel but weighs no more than a wooden shaft. The spear head is leaf-shaped with mildly serrated edges near the point - the head appears to be made of meteoric steel. The entire spear is non-magnetic, does not conduct electricity, and does not rust. It is also immune to acid, cold, fire, and cannot be Disintegrated. Overall the spear is 6' long and weighs about 4.5 lbs. and the shaft has faint runes or letters of unknown origin and meaning.
  The spear is +4 to hit and does 2-14 (d8+d6) points of damage on a successful strike. If the to hit roll is a natural 19 or natural 20 and the strike is successful the creature struck is wracked with agony; any creature affected by this intense pain has their movement rate reduced by half, is at -15% on all ability checks (tracking, Hide in Shadows, etc.) and is at -4 to hit. The pain lasts for 2-20 turns per infliction - the durations stack.
  The Spear of Pain is famous as the primary weapon of the Mysterious Amazon and was wielded by her at the Battle of 5,000 Zombies, the Siege of Skystone Castle, and at the Duel of Chax.

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