Monday, January 12, 2015

New Item Monday: The Keshi Knife

  One of the key elements of my 1e campaign are three closely-related groups of human barbarians called the Kesh. The Horse Kesh are plains-dwelling horsemen, herders, and nomads; the Dog Kesh are forest-dwelling hunters; the Hawk Kesh are hill and mountain dwelling hunters. The Horse Kesh prefer small, swift horses, light lances, javelins, and short composite bows. The Dog Kesh also use the short composite bow but pair it with the bastard sword and hunt with packs of dogs, not from horseback; the Hawk Kesh use long composite bows and broadswords and use trained hawks to help them hunt.
  But all three groups share the weapon that has become their symbol, the Keshi knife.

  The Keshi knife resembles a small, slim short sword or a large stiletto with a wide cross guard and a spiked pommel. A piercing weapon, it is also balanced for throwing. Many Kesh warriors melee with a Keshi knife in their off hand using it to parry or thrust as needed.Hawk and Dog Kesh frequently carry 2 Keshi knives, one of which is typically thrown as they close with an enemy. Horse Kesh carry up to 6 Keshi knives on their saddles, also for throwing at close quarters.
  Because of its weight the Keshi knife is a bit less accurate than the smaller dagger when thrown.

Keshi Knife: Encumbrance (1e style): 20 gp wt., Length: ~18", Space Required: 1', Speed Factor: 3
    Damage: 1d4+1/1d4+1, Fire Rate: 1, Ranges: 10', 20' (-3 to hit), 30' (-7 to hit)

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