Monday, February 2, 2015

Magic Item of the Week: The Sword of Sharp (Plus - My Own Chart for Swords of Sharpness)

  After a discussion of metaphysics, Platonic Ideals, and Plato's Cave with my oldest son
  [don't judge us]
  he came up with the Sword of Sharp.

  The Sword of Sharp: This weapon is a simple, unadorned longsword. It is immune to acid, rust (including magical effects), fire, electricity, and cold. It also makes all item saving throws at +4. It is +1 to hit only.
  In many ways the Sword of Sharp behaves as a Sword of Sharpness; on a natural 19 or 20 attack roll that results in a hit consult the following chart'

Roll (d12)   Effect 
 1 – 3           The blow is particularly deep; +2 damage
 4 – 5           The cut 'shaves off' a part of the target; +4 damage
 6 – 7           The blow severs the target's off hand (1-4) or trailing foot (5-6), +2 damage
 8 – 9           The blow severs the target's primary hand (1-4) or lead foot (5-6), +4 damage
 10               The blow severs an entire arm or leg (roll randomly), +6 damage
 11               The attack cuts off both legs (1-3) or both arms (4), +8 damage
 12               The target is decapitated, cut in twain, etc., target dead (unless undead, etc.)

  Although similar to a Sword of Sharpness the Sword of Sharp is 'more closely aligned' with the metaphysical concept of 'being sharp'. When drawn from its scabbard all foes of the wielder within 10' take a point of damage from the sharpness of the weapon. In melee every foe of the wielder within 10' takes a point of damage per round from being so close to the edge of the blade.
  If the wielder has the sword in hand and is performing a full parry there is a 20% chance that any spell, spell-like effect, or other magical attack targeted on the wielder will fail as it is 'cut apart' by the blade. Also, if the sword is swung around another person (as if cutting away items jutting from the person) for a full round there is a 20% chance that any enchantments or charms affecting the target are 'cut away'.

  Only one Sword of Sharp is known to exist.

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