Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Paladin With No Name and his warhorse, Mule

  My third son plays a paladin that everyone calls Clint. But they only call him that because he never gives a name.
  This is almost a family tradition; for years I played a gnome illusionist thief called only Stealth (he would give no name) and my wife's longest-played character is the Mysterious Amazon, for the same reason.
  But Clint is unlike those others to a small degree. As I mentioned in my most viewed post of all time, Good Isn't Stupid, or Weak, or Nice, Lawful Good characters don't have to be pollyannas. Clint is a silent, intimidating figure. He speaks very little and when he does there is often a feeling that the dry humor is wrapped oh-so-lightly around an iron club of righteous fury.

  Clint just reached 4th level and is questing for his paladin's warhorse. When he gains his horse he plans to name him Mule.

As a DM, I can't wait.

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