Sunday, August 9, 2015

Work in Progress - the Map of Eiru

  About 1981 my friend Dave wanted to play an Irish warrior. Dave was reading a great deal about the history and legends of Ireland. I pulled out an encyclopedia, swung by Ball State, and invented Eiru, a distant island home of people called the Eire.
  Or, as my sons like to call it, Ireland Land.
  Since then there have been 4-5 more characters from Eiru as well as NPCs, the sword Mor Altach, the dreaded Banshee Stones, and at least one drinking song.
  My wife made a barbarian (my own version of the class) from Eiru a year or so ago and the character's backstory was all about being Irish, uh, Eire. Not much of a surprise given that 3 of her 8 great-grandparents were born in Ireland and another was born on the passage over!
  Well, she wants to go on a side trip to Eiru and settle accounts with the clan that drove her from her home and still threatens her clan and family. She is accompanied by the paladin called Clint who recently reached 4th level and had a vision that he should travel to Eiru, famed for its horses, and search for a steed.

  One little problem - in 34 years I had never made a map of Eiru.
  Hexographer to the rescue!

  I made some notes on scratch paper last night and created this in about 20 minutes. It needs a LOT of cleaning up, smoothing, etc., but here it is in its 10 miles per hex state.


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