Sunday, June 12, 2016

Magic Item of the Week - the Gauntlet of Quartz Lenses

[From a humorous picture in my G+ feed]
Manufactured by a powerful mage to assist his cleric brother in fighting ghosts, the Gauntlet is decidedly not like those of a warrior.
  Very rare, these items can only help magic-users. When worn they do not interfere with spell casting.
  If worn when casting any spell the caster can decide to extend the spell's effects into the Ethereal Plane so that it affects both the local Prime Material Plane and the equivalent area of the Border Ethereal/Ethereal Plane.
  Each time this is done the caster temporarily loses 1 point of Constitution. Any Constitution loss from this item is recovered at a rate of one point per full day of rest. If the caster is down 3 or more points of Constitution at any given time they do not heal through natural means until the recover to full Constitution (magical healing still works). If their Constitution reaches 0 they pass out until they recover to a Constitution of 1.


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