Sunday, February 5, 2017

Traveller: The Lanxing Comity - a short take

It has been a heck of a fortnight: I went to a Red Hat conference week f=before last and had a blast, then last week:
  One of my employees who is also a family member got shingles.
  I slipped a tore a muscle in my lower back.
  I found out I have about 20 hours of hoops to jump through to become an approved vendor for 3 major potential clients. 20 hours each.

  So today as the rest of the family is at Mass I am sitting at the interwebz machine with ibuprophen, a heating pad, tea, and smelling of Thera-gesic (my analgesic heat rub of choice) working on stuff to relax.

  Last June I wrote about a Classic Traveller campaign I have been doodling on for about a decade without putting pen firmly to paper, so I decided today is a good day for it. Behold the Lanxing Subsector-

Legend: Yellow Line = official interstellar trade routes of the Lanxing Comity; Light blue lines = official trade routes of the 12 Moon Trade Cooperative; Light purple lines = independent merchant routes; Diamonds = Jump-capable starship manufacturing facilities; five-pointed stars = Jump-Capable Warship Bases; triangles = Civilian-accessible stardocks with refined fuel and jump repair facilities.

  The Lanxing Comity is the focus, naturally, of this subsector.

  I'll have planet write ups and such in the near future.

  I used hexographer for the mapping. It took me about 20 minutes to cobble this together.

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