Sunday, July 9, 2017

GM Report: Even More Level 3

Wow! Busy night! Quick synopsis follows:

The party returned immediately to level three and found that their earlier scary work was undiscovered! They swept into the second sept area and, once more, Starfalcon the ranger got 3 segments of surprised and - wiped out the leaders before they could react. Once more the totally surprised, unarmed goblins surrendered and were taken to the surface and handed to the Count's men. The patrol had already sent a fast rider to request more troops and food from Esber.

The party went right back and found the barricade heavily defended. They charged through missile fire and slaughtered the defenders only to see almost 200 goblins marshaling in the Great Hall. In minutes they were in a pitched battle with a goblin tribe. It was a bloodbath for the goblins. AS the party cut down vast swaths of mooks and dropped sergeants the goblins just kept making morale checks and fighting hard. Finally, through maneuver and attrition the survivors were clumped up and Owen hit them all with a well-placed Web. The chief slipped away and ran for it so the party lit the web and killed the few survivors as the fleetest chased the chief. They caught him just as he was slipping through a secret door with a haversack full of loot.
He surrendered.

The party took the non-combatants still cowering in the caverns tot he surface and the patrol secured them as as - the party went down again.
They found the other door to the Deep they had seen earlier as well as a cistern that collected rain from the Deep. At the far end of the Great Corridor was more doors and further tunnels that led to....

The Cavern of Herds. This massive cavern 1 mile by 1.7 miles with enough rain and light for grass, holds several herds of rothe. The party saw a hunting party of troglodytes, so they went back and resealed the doors.

By comparing their maps they believe they know the location of hidden tunnels, which they will check later.

They also found a tunnel sealed by a cave in.

Last but not least, in the Study they found a note for Owen and a scroll of spells for him to learn.

The party spent a full day cleaning the battle scene to avoid disease.

More details later!

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