Monday, January 1, 2018

Retro Adventures - Devil's Rock

  I have been DMing a looooong time. Like all DMs I worry about getting stale and predictable. You know, getting tot he point that the players know what to expect.

  So I dug into my archives and found - my folder of adventures from 1981! I am running one now called Devil's Rock

  Spoilers: Players Stop Here

Here is the map I drew in 1980:

A dungeon inside a granite spire that is an oxbow island

  I originally made this as part of a series of 'temple raids' by my players Eric, George, Dorie, Drew, and Danny. There is a section with kobolds, another with a wight guarding a paladin in stasis, a madman with his pet rust monster and flesh golem, a construct familiar still guarding its dead master, the hidey-hole of three evil adventurers, and the well-protected hidey-hole of a powerful mage, all separated by corridors filled with gelatinous cubes.

  I might need to publish this!

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