Sunday, June 24, 2018

Seaward/Skull Mountain: Prepping for Midsummer

As seen recently the party is preparing for not just using the magical binoculars on Midsummer, but a major incursion into Skull Mountain as far as the Cavern of Herds at a minimum. Yesterday was spent in a long prep session for the mission that involved a huge logistics effort.

Since the party is purchasing so much preserved food for the base camp plus the Briars Mapping Expedition they have seriously impacted the local economy. As a result merchant caravans reached Esber a month before Midsummer loaded down with barrels of salted fish, scores of country hams, wagons loaded with wheels of cheese, casks of small beer, firkin crocks of sauerkraut, etc. from as far away as Eastford. The Company also had no need to travel far as mercenaries, prepared for underground work, arrived for hire.
We had a side discussion of how huge the impact of the party has been on the nation.
With the expedition planned to include 5 PCs, 13 henchmen, and 30 mercenaries the mule train up the Old Road was pre-scouted and taken - straight to the third level of Skull Mountain! They loaded the barrels of grain, the food, etc. into the room called the Meat Locker - a 900 sq ft space kept below freezing by a crevice to the Plane of Ice. Adjacent to the Cistern in the Goblin Elite area it is also by a large kitchen obviously made very long ago by humans or elves.
The players noted that between repairing doors, stocking up with food, and even placing a strongbox with payroll in a secret area they were actively restocking the dungeon and wondered if 'human mercenary' is now part of the random encounter chart for any surviving monsters
The mules, teamsters, porters, and such were taken back out of the mountain immediately and sent to town with a strong patrol while the henchmen guarded the area that will be used to stage the expedition. The mercenaries and PCs moved into their quarters (bringing even more supplies) in the Goblin Elite area and guards, watch schedules, and the party is prepared for the next big adventure.

What is Stored
120 man-weeks of standard rations
50 man-weeks of iron rations
10 horse-weeks of hay and oats
240 arrows
240 crossbow bolts
20 pikes
10 broadswords
5 heavy crossbows
5 shortbows
10 short swords
2 full sets of tack and harness and saddles for heavy warhorses

The People
5 PCs
13 Henchmen
10 mercenary pikemen
10 mercenary heavy footmen
5 mercenary heavy crossbowmen
5 mercenary shortbowmen
1 cook
1 healer
1 porter
A heavy warhorse
A paladin's warhorse
The steam-powered war moose

The Plan
The PCs, 10 of the henchmen, and the mercenaries will foray into the Cavern of Herds to sweep it for unknown areas, other entrances, etc. and to hunt any troglodytes in that space. As needed the party will go into the identified troglodyte caves in an attempt to engage them and destroy them. The horses will come for speed and the off-chance that a cavalry action would demoralize troglodytes in the open. The overall goal is to remove the troglodyte threat and determine how much larger the cavern complex might be.

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