Friday, October 11, 2019

Play Report: Dragon Heist

  I get to write a play report!
  For my birthday everyone promised to get me at the table in front of the screen more often.
  Jack picked up the adventure Dragon Heist.

  Me: 1st level dwarven wizard Don Jose Francisco Diego Bernardino Mateo Marco Maria Mateo de la Chula Vista, Conde de San Luis Obispo. Noble, bon vivant, and natural philosopher.
  Sam: 1st level skeleton bard Mr. Skeleton. A good, decent man who loved music so much he returned from the grave to play. Can't speak.
  Nick: 1st level half-elven cleric of war Elendil the Blackhearted. Formerly a pirate notorious for his viciousness, he had an epiphany, changed his ways forever, and is now a mighty force for Good and foe of injustice.

  I won't give away too much of the module.
  Jack did a great job of explaining how the heck we all knew each other and getting us to Waterdeep. The first few encounters were fun and a nice way to ease into the mechanics, since I don't play 5e often.
  Jack runs a tight ship, making the play snappy and fun, and we all know each other well enough to make play easy. It was also fun to be in a large urban setting giving us a chance to move around and interact with NPCs. The first part, 'find my missing friend', is a classic bit of 'get to know the city, the major NPCs, and make some coin' city crawling and we completed the entire bit in a single session.

  We were all discussing how much the impact of video games on contemporary adventure writers shines through. As Nick said,
  "Talk to an NPC I swear I hear a chime and can almost see 'objectives updated' float in the air as we get a side quest."
  I enjoyed Witchbolt far too much and all through play I kept thinking that 5e is TFoS, Runequest, 4e, 3e, BFRP, and Paranoia tossed into a blender and marketed.
  And as we encountered every city patrol staffed with 3rd/4th level wizards, the goofy names, and the odd design of Waterdeep I kept muttering,
  "Greenwood will pay."
  To the laughter of the lads.

  All kidding aside, the game was fun, the module is solid, and I am reminded, yet again, that 5e is a decent beer & pretzels game.

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