Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Play Report: Atlantaverse Cleveland

   As a change of pace the crew decided to play villains for a while! We started off with the following:

Sam is playing Singularity, a cyborg with an special senses and built-in weapons and a huge chip on his shoulder about how he is 'the future of humanity'. Not always in touch with reality.

Nick is playing Electron Davis, frustrated candidate for the city council who has sworn to use his new electrical powers to make the citizens too dim to elect him pay the price for their foolishness. Underwent tricky procedures to get powers and he isn't quite right anymore.

Jack is playing Captain Claw, whose father, grand-father, and great-grand-father were all professional henchmen to supervillains. Between his own 2 years henching and the gear, trophies, and loot of his family he's been able to cobbled together a decent costume and weapon, the Claw. He hopes to become the first generation of his family to have henchmen rather than being one.

  Captain Claw has a surprising number of connections, contacts, and a deep knowledge of the supervillain world, so he was able to track down Singularity and Electron Davis and convince them that new supervillains need to team up. With some discussion the others agreed and started making a plan to move out of the Z-list.

  The first order of business was money, since they were all broke. Some planning and prep and all three arrived at a bank about to disperse cash to ATMs. Singularity positioned himself by the entrance, Electron Davis by the exterior powerlines, and Captain Claw in the back, outside. At the prearranged time Electron Davis used his powers to neutralize the alarms and phones as Singularity began raving about Transhumanism and the future to distract everyone. Captain Claw tunneled his way into the vault and started hauling money out to the waiting van, shortly joined by Electron Davis. Singularity dashed out of the bank, raving still, as the others completed their haul and left, unnoticed still.

  after swapping vehicles in places with no cameras, twice, they used the loot to pay for the information needed for their next job.

  After spending 95% of the bank robbery proceeds they were ready. Electron Davis was not part of the daytie=me ushers at a Cleveland art museum and made himself familiar with the layout. With their purchased schematics of the alarm system Electron Davis put himself at the right spot at the right time as Singularity and Captain Claw closed in on the target. As Electron Davis killed the cameras and alarms Singularity snatched a Van Gogh painting from the wall and Captain Claw cut an escape route through the walls. The two used The Claw to swing over the outside streets to a waiting vehicle they later swapped out and then headed to the rendezvous. Electron Davis just waiting with the other people to be interviewed by the police and 'went home'.

  After ditching his various fake IDs Electron Davis took a cut-out route and met the others. Captain Claw had already used his networks to have an out-of-town fence ready. They all then traveled to Columbus to meet up with the fence. After some haggling they reached a mutually acceptable price and left.


A ton of fun all around. The crew enjoyed playing the sorts of villains they tend to one-punch into prison and thought the change of pace was good. They are eager to move on but fear that their actions have caught the attention of Cleveland's resident superhero, Skychief!


  1. Captain Claw is a wonderful character conception. As he advances in power, you should have some random retired supervillains drop by occasionally with reminiscences about "the old days" with granddad or dad, and "hey, I forgot, I always meant to give your dad this" and presto, here's a new magic item, er, superpower focus...or disastrous plot hook.