Friday, September 26, 2014

Far Realms is Almost Done - Time for a Give Away!

  Far Realms is hard to quantify in terms of 'time to write'; it is mainly a collection of house rules from my 36+ year old AD&D 1e campaign turned into an OSRIC/OSR-friendly format. So on the one hand I could claim the book took 38 years to write (time from my first written house rule until now). On the other, I started the conversion about 18 months. It has been a great family project with the wife and 4 older sons enjoying the process as I took a little time most Saturdays to turn this into something other people can enjoy.
  And that is, in the end, what I hope for - that other people enjoy the book.

the back cover in black and white galley proof

It has alternate weapon specialization rules, additional abilities for thieves, assassins, druids, clerics, magic-users, and illusionists. I have an alternate initiative system, rules for upkeep and maintenance, and an OSR ruleset for disease and parasites.
  I have expanded a hireling or two and added the healer and merchant hirelings. I have 4 NPC-only classes (the Man-at-Arms, the Religious Brother, the Hedge Mage, and the Scoundrel), and I have 4 new PC classes (Barbarian, Bard, Nobleman, and Scout).
  There are rules for followers for barbarians and noblemen and expanded charts for fighter followers.
  Oh, and 33 pages of new spells.

The front cover in black and white galley proof

  We hope to have the final version up on RPGNow this weekend!
  Of course, we are going to give away a free copy - just leave a comment on this post (or on google+) promising to write a 5-star review and we'll add your name to the list (OK, you only have to promise to actually read it). On Sunday morning my 11 year old will pull one of the names from a hat and we will get the free copy to the winner!

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