Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Magic Item of the Week: The Most Excellent Jade Amulet of Usefulness

  Originally from distant empires far across the Vasty Sea the Most Excellent Jade Amulet of Usefulness was found by the powerful mage Lehru on the body of Obake Raiju, Warlord of the Ogre Magi, in the Onogoro Islands. Lehru used the amulet for a number of years before gifting it to a favored henchman, the thief Dexter. After his own retirement Desxter gave the amulet to Lord Fandor in return for a yeomanry northeast of Wyvern Keep. The amulet was confiscated from Lord Fandor (along with all his wealth and goods) by King Amric when he was found guilty of cowardice. It became a part of the 'outer treasury', or those items owned by the king that were routinely used by his servants. In the time of King Aelfric, son of King Amric, the amulet was stolen. Its location is still unknown.
  The amulet is an oval disc of blue jade about 1" wide and 1.5" long. One end is pierced and threaded with a red cord made of braided silk.The silk cord has a a small tassel of golden thread and a bronze slide; it can easily be worn as a necklace or snugly around the wrist. The amulet itself is engraved with exotic symbols [divinations will easily discover the meaning: 'useful tool']. The entire amulet makes all saving throws as the most resistant type of material.

  Game Information: The Amulet is enchanted with a version of the wu-jen spell Tool. To activate the amulet the wearer must touch it while muttering (in any language).
  "Now where did I put that [item]?"
  At that moment the item will appear within convenient reach of the wearer of the amulet.
  The items summoned can be any mundane tool or equipment, such as saws, hammers, shovels, frying pans, etc. The equipment can be as small as a pin or sewing needle up to the size of a 45 gallon cauldron (about 2 1/2' across and 300 lbs) or a two-wheeled, single-seat pony cart. While the tool will have any parts needed to function (a pot will have a lid; the cart will have full harness, etc.) only one 'item' will appear and you may be lacking the items needed for the task at hand (a hammer with no nails, for example). While weapons can be summoned (bows will have no arrows!) they are mundane in all ways except their origin.
  The summoned item lasts until the next sunrise or sunset (whichever is more distant) or until a different item is summoned. The amulet may only be activated 4 times a day: once between Dawn and Noon; once between Noon and Sunset; once between Sunset and Midnight; and once between Midnight and Dawn.

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