Monday, May 4, 2015

An update and, well, a Bleg

  OK,so about a month ago I was suddenly laid off, no warning, along with the entire division I was in. This came hot on the heels of two major car repairs and medical bills so we were already virtually broke.
  The company used various methods to avoid their separation policies resulting in me NOT getting a severance package as promised in my contract.
  I have a new job, thank heavens, but it is straight commission - long term? I think it will be great.
  Short term?
  I don't get paid for weeks.

  I am settled in enough that I will start putting out new content soon both here (hopefully later today) and on RPGNow, etc. So I am hoping that people will look at my highly-reviewed OSRIC-compatible products and buy some! My publisher's page is here;


  and here;


  I hope to have fresh, new product up this week, too!

  I am also considering selling my very extensive library of D&D 3.5 books if there is interest. If you want/need a 3.5 book ask - I probably have it.

  Sorry for the quiet, but it is about to end!

PS: Yes, I have a donate now button on my sidebar.

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