Thursday, April 21, 2016

More On My Champions Game - the Haunted Cemetary

  I will be having another sit-down session in my Champions of Atlanta campaign soon. 90% of the game is PBeM. But I wanted to share the villains coming up because they are all song-based.

NOTE: Spoilers follow - no players read past here!

The Villains: Here is a list of the bad guys -
  The Children of the Sun: The mooks are all advance scouts from the Riders, the disembodied intelligences of a long-dead alien race that take over recently dead sentient bodies (i.e., Zombies From SPAAAAAAAACE!). Their living bodies were destroyed in a massive solar flare. They are based on this song.

There are 25 of these guys, all based on the Zombie entry from the Champions bestiary with a higher INT.

  The Old Man Down The Road: A powerful sorcerer that uses American hoodoo magic, He has been enslaved and forced to use his magic for the Big Bad. Skilled with divination, he also has a range of combat magic that can confuse and befuddle with one or two lethal spells. Based on this song.

  The Lonely Man: Apprentice to the Old Man Down the Road, the Lonely Man is another practitioner of hoodoo. He focuses on invisibility, illusions, and misdirection. He is based on this song.

Nemesis: An incredibly tough extra-dimensional being summoned by the Big Bad, the Nemesis appears to be an absence, a blackness, a hole in reality in the shape of a massive, tentacled, tiger-like beast. Fearsome in direct combat, Nemesis can also very literally eat your courage. It is based on this song.

Baron Cimetiere: A powerful Loa, Baron Cimetiere was summoned by the Big Bad to lead the Children of the Sun and remove certain obstacles. The Baron is, essentially, a super-strong, super-dextrous ninja who is also undead. If he bites you he can drain your lifeforce! Based on this song.

Locomotive Breath: The favorite henchman of the Big Bad, Locomotive Breath is Mean Ron, former King of the Evil Hobos, who can be read about in much more detail here. Based on this song.

  The Big Bad: I will not go into great detail about the villain behind all this who calls himself the Necromancer to hide his true identity (that is for a future post!). For now, just listen to the song he's based on.

  Anyone have more suggestions?

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