Friday, June 13, 2014

Magic Item of the Week - The Blessed Staff

  From my eleven year old.

  This large oaken staff is topped with a 3" bronze orb and has a +1 bonus to hit (only). While the staff is held by any creature of Good alignment it can be willed to shed the equivalent of a Light spell.
  When wielded by a cleric of Good alignment and at least a 13 Wisdom its full powers are unlocked, as shown in this list;
  -When used as a weapon vs undead the staff inflicts +5 damage as well as all the effects of a full vial of
        holy water
  -The wielder has a +2 on all saving throws
  -The wielder is immune to disease as a paladin
  -Bless (twice an hour)
  -Prayer (once a day)
  -Cure Serious Wounds (once a day)
  -Cause Fear (once a day): the power can only be used against evil extra-planar creatures, but such
      creatures do not receive magic resistance to avoid this effect.

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