Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Magic Item - the Glory Stone

  Another item from my 11 year old son!
  Only 4 or 5 glory stones are known to exist and they are both prized and avoided. They are all large (3" to 4"), unbreakable amethysts of various purple shade.
  Every glory stone sheds light as a Continual Light spell at all times. If dispelled, countered, etc. this light returns to full intensity in no more than 5 rounds - only a Rod of Cancellation or Disjunction spell has a chance of permanently dimming a glory stone.
  The light of a glory stone dispels illusions as a 9th level illusionist within 60' (but the light must shine on the illusion). The wearer/bearer of a glory stone receives +4 on all saving throws against charm effects as does his allies within 60'. If exposed to a charm effect that normally does not allow a saving throw (from a nereid or ultrodaemon, for example) the wearer and his allies get a base save of 18. Lastly, anyone encountering the wearer/bearer of a glory stone has their reaction adjust by +15%.
  All of these powers require the glory stone to be openly carried or worn and its light to be shining forth.
  Each glory stone has an intelligence of 14, a Chaotic Neutral alignment, and the personality of a curious, hyper-active child. The 'stone can see and hear everything within 60' when it is openly worn or carried and can speak Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, Gnome, Halfling, Orcish, Goblin, Kobold, Ogrish, and all dragon tongues (it cannot read). When covered so that it emits no light it is also effectively blind and deaf and its voice is reduced to a faint, muffled noise.
  The 'stones do not like being put away for long periods of time and may become resentful if they are not routinely held or worn. They can be loud, pushy, obnoxious, curious, and helpful, all at once. They may demand that books, notes, carvings, etc. be read to them, that their wearer read them a book or tell them a story, or their wearer pause to admire some flowers, etc. While the 'stones' senses and voice might very well be helpful (for example, place one on the end of a staff, stick it around a corner, and have the stone report on what it sees), protective (warning of a goblin sneaking up behind the party), or informative ('the goblin says that his tribe is coming') it can also be a hindrance; refusing to translate for some imagined, slight; continuous chatter while the party is attempting to sneak through a dungeon, and even worse ("Is this the terrible king you are planning to overthrow? Your majesty, my friends say you are a bad man and I hope they beat you up!").
  If the owner works hard he can, over time, build a rapport with a 'stone so that he might convince it to be silent for a time, or to not interrupt or tell secrets, but this is always a chancy thing.
  Because of its intelligence and senses a glory stone can be affected by a Mirror of Life Trapping or similar spells and devices.

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