Thursday, July 7, 2016

Magic Item of the Week: Alarc's Sword

  Found in the catacombs beneath the Castle of Nightmares by the half-orc warrior-priest Alarc, this sword is of unknown origin. Bards have no record of t prior to his discovery and divinations reveal only that it is very, very old.
  After Alarc's death the sword was stolen by persons unknown and has been sighted from time to time in the years since.

  The weapon is of unfamiliar style, having a edge of excellent steel and a fuller of mild steel, it is of excellent craftsmanship, balance, and strength. It has been enchanted to remain incredibly sharp and to not corrode. It is unadorned.
  Its enchantment is not limited to being sharp - the wielder can 'sheathe' the sword in an extra-dimensional space at will and then 'unsheathe' it when needed. The wielder must make a slight 'pushing' motion while thinking of the sword being stored in its extra-dimensional pocket to send it, and then make a slight 'pulling' motion to retrieve it. While the 'drawing' hand must be empty, it can be either hand. Although the gestures are minor (no more than a few inches) a tightly-bound captive may be prevented from making the gesture.
  The extra-dimensional space is only available on the Prime Material and Elemental planes. If the wielder is holding the weapon on any other plane it cannot be sent to its storage pocket. If the weapon is stored when the caster enters the Ethereal or Astral planes [via Plane Shift, for example] the sword 'falls out' of the extra-dimension space within close reach of its wielder. If transported to any other plane not mentioned, the sword falls to the ground near where the wielder used to be, left behind.
  If the wielder enters a Portable Hole, Magnificent Mansion, or similar extra-dimensional space on the Prime Material the sword cannot be sent to or from its storage space until the wielder leaves that space.

Alarc's Sword: +3 broadsword, see above.

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