Sunday, July 31, 2016

Magic Item of the Week: Manbreaker

  A few centuries back the evil mage Lohr ruled a vast region beyond the borders of civilization. He forged alliances with a cunning combination of diplomacy, terror, magic, and bribery. One of his coups was winning the aid of a powerful tribe of hill giants. Lohr gave a gift to their chieftain, the mighty war club Manbreaker.The chieftain led his tribe to many victories over his foes, and Lohr's, with this club. It has since become an item of great value to hill giants and it is still used by a chieftain to this day.

  Carved from the bole of a snakewood tree, Manbreaker was hardened using enchanted fire, making it too tough to be shaped with non-magical tools. 7' long and 6" thick at the grip the mighty weapon is so huge even a hill giant must use two hands to wield it in combat.

  Manbreaker is  +4 two-handed war club of Human Slaying; it normally does 2-16+4 (plus strength bonus) points of damage; vs, a half-elf or half-orc it does 4-32+4 (and strength); and vs. a humans it does a staggering 6-48+4 (and strength bonus) damage, meaning the average blow of a hill giant is 39 points, total.
  Manbreaker cannot be harmed by fire, cold, or acid and is effectively immune to being broken by impact or tension (an enraged titan attempting to snap it over his knee might force t to make a save vs normal blow, for example).

  Consultation with a sage, Legend Lore, or other forms of intense research may uncover Manbreaker's secret; if a mage knows the secret command word and utters it as they cast a Charm Monster spell the creature holding Manbreaker is automatically affected and is not allowed a saving throw.

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