Friday, May 30, 2014

Magic Item of the Week - The Eye of Dreadful Command

  For those of you who don't know, my fourth son, 11 years old, is creator of many great magic items. He made the Figurine of Wondrous Power - Hematite Badgers and the Wounderous Fruit Basket [that isn't a misspelling].
  Here is his newest item, the Eye of Dreadful command. Everything below is as he wrote it to me, word for word.

  This a small(roughly 3" in diameter.) crystal sphere, in the middle is a small blot of black and green, appearing to all who observe it as a large green eye, it has a standard value of about 1,000 g.p.
  When grasped by a magic-user or cleric of 5th level or higher and a non-good alignment, however, it's true powers are revealed.

It has the following spell abilities:
    Command(1 charge) -3 to saving throw.
    Charm person(1 charge)
    Hold person(2 charges)
    Charm monster(3 charges)
    Domination(4 charges)
    Subjugation(see below, 5 charges.)

  The subjugation affect causes the target to save versus death magic or be subjugated.
  The affect of this is that at any time you are showing the eye to the subjugated target, you may cast a command spell with up to 5 words(no save.). The target gets a new saving throw after 1d4 weeks, with a special +1 bonus per saving throw he was allowed in the past.
  The eye is built with 40 charges.
  When the eye either runs out of charges or is destroyed by any means, the creature possessing the eye loses 1 level(no save.)and all creatures affect by the powers of the eye will instead be dominated(save permitted) with a lasting command to kill whoever held the eye when it was destroyed.
  Whenever a good creature touches the eye, they lose a point of constitution which is regained when the eye leaves their possession.

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