Monday, May 26, 2014

Spell I Wish I Could Cast in Real Life: Create Coffee

Level - one (clerics) 3 (magic-users)
      [It is, in a very real way, a healing spell]
Casting time - 5 seg.
Range - reach
Area of effect - one container
Components - V, S, M

  When cast this spell creates a volume of coffee to fill a single container. The container can be as small as a demitasse or as large as a quart jug. The coffee will be hot (temperature will vary according to the caster's wishes, but will always be above room temperature) and as strong as the caster prefers.
  Very hot coffee may cause 1-2 h.p. of non-lethal damage to a drinker. If a quart container of very hot coffee is poured over or thrown onto a creature (range 5') it will do 1d4 damage.
  The material components are a single coffee bean and a drop of water. During casting the container to hold the coffee must be held in the caster's off hand with the components inside while he makes a tilting gesture over the mouth of the container with his primary hand and mutters darkly under his breath.

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