Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Another Magical Sword

  Another weapon invented by my oldest.

  Sunflash: This broadsword is of impeccable craftsmanship, perfect balance, and great beauty. The shining steel weapon is always slightly warm to the touch (although this is never uncomfortable). It normally sheds light out to 10' and is +2 to hit and damage.
  If undead are within 120' the intensity of Sunflash's radiance increases by +10' per HD of the largest hit dice undead to a maximum of 60' radius (for example, if a skeleton is 90' away Sunflash's light will extend 20'; if 8 zombies are 100' away it will shed light out to 30', a ghast and 12 skeletons 40' away would cause Sunflash to shine out to 50', etc.). Against skeletons, zombies, and other 'unintelligent' undead Sunflash is +3 to hit and damage. Against ghouls, vampires, and other 'intelligent' undead Sunflash is +3 to hit and +6 to damage.
  If Sunflash strikes the killing blow against any undead of 3HD or greater it emits a flash of sunlight (actually energy from the Positive Material Plane) that Turns Undead as a 6th level cleric on all undead within 60' at the time of the blow. Additionally, vampires, spectres, and ghosts within 60' of the Sunflash take 3d4 points of damage.

Note: Image courtesy of this interesting page.

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