Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Age We Live In

WARNING: Spoilers for the Flash

  1978 was a great year. I turned 11 in the Summer. I started playing Dungeons and Dragons the year before and had finally started my own group. A friend of mine was running a great Traveller campaign. Wonder Woman was on TV and Channel Four had Science Fiction Theater and Sammy Terry. I was mowing lawns and earning enough money with that and my allowance to have 12 comic book subscriptions and enough left over to buy more on my own. The older brother of a friend had given me a reprint of Batman #232 (if you don't know why that is a big deal, shame on you). Black Lightning and  Green Lantern were my favorites. And in the Spring I added Firestorm to that list.
  Firestorm caught my eye the day it hit the stands. I read the first issue and immediately wrote to get a subscription. I made sure Tom at the comics shop knew I wanted them and he would stash a copy behind the counter for me. I liked the character a great deal and was disappointed by the DC Implosion taking it out not too much alter.

  Last night I was watching Flash with the wife and kids. My kids love watching superhero related stuff with me because my heavy reading of comics in youth means I usually spot most, if not all, the details. But in the most recent episode they covered the origin of Firestorm and were fairly close to the comics. At the end of the episode, then Firestorm flies away on a jet of flame, I was the most excited in the room.
  Today I was talking with my wife and we were talking about our plans to watch certain movies this year. I pointed out to her:

  -We watch the Flash on TV and it has Weather Wizard, Firestorm, Multiplex, etc.
  -We watch Arrow on TV with Captain Boomerang, Deathstroke, Professor Ivo, etc.
  -We watch Agents of SHIELD on TV with Hydra, the Inhumans, etc.
  -We are eagerly awaiting seeing the Avengers fight Ultron in cinemas this year.
  -The soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy, one of my favorite obscure comics, is a hit because the movie was popular (what's next, the Starjammers?)
  -There are new Godzilla movies!

  That's when I realized: the modern world's entertainment is starting to look like what 12 year old me wished for!

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