Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dungeon Master's Log - 1e campaign, part 2

In the intro to my 1e campaign post I introduced the characters and told how they went In Search of the Unknown. Our intrepid adventurers ended the first session bedded down in the hidden supply room making tea over a makeshift fire and jury-rigging light sources together. The next day they started out by leaving an iron spike pointing to the secret door to the supply room and supplementing their 'always take the left' rule with - a trail of nails to mark where they had been.
  That's right, they still had no mapping materials and, jerk that I am, if your character doesn't have mapping materials, you can't make a map.
  The wandered around quite well, although the sloping floors, fake stairs, and maze-like layout surprisingly enough confused the heck out of them. Realizing they had no idea how to get back to the entrance they started hoping for loot consisting of beef jerky (yes, they have had characters starve before. No, I don't think that is mean). Before the end of the session the chuckles after asking 'is giant spider good to eat?' were a bit forced.
  Then they hit the door maze. They went round and round, popping out into the labyrinth of twisting tunnels. Finally they found a door and - were back in the door maze. After another hour of game time they simply sat down, ate a meal, set up a guard rotation and slept in a 10' x 10' room with a door in the middle of each wall.
  During the session they killed a giant spider, 2 kobolds, and 4 skeletons. The loot included a spear that the One Man Army is already fond of, about 15 g.p. worth of various coins, a silver necklace with amulet, and a plain gold ring.
  All 4 boys really enjoyed themselves, too.

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