Saturday, May 25, 2013

Intro to my new 1e Campaign

OF COURSE I am running a 1st edition AD&D campaign! I've been running one since 1978, why stop now?
  The rules? My house rules (currently being written up as Far Realms, an OSRIC supplement) but the specifics are
  Character Creation: 3d6 in order; roll three sets and pick the set you like. Any set with more than two stats under 5 or with nothing over a 7 may be discarded. I prefer you create characters with me so we can work on basic backstory together.
  This campaign is special, though, since it consists of my 4 older sons! J is playing a Druid, A is playing a One Man Army (half-elf fighter/cleric/magic-user), S is playing an Assassin (using my house rules he is Chaotic Neutral) who is so far passing himself off as a thief, and N is playing a monk. He rolled monk stats on 3d6 in order on his first attempt, making him a very happy young man.
  To really give them the entire experience I am running them through In Search of the Unknown, although I have thrown in a few hooks for my own campaign, such as notes about cities, villains, etc. here and there. They went through character creation with me one at a time, we worked up simple backstories, then they bought armor, weapons, and equipment. They met through mutual friends, a mentor, and a job posting, and headed out.
  The pros; they made sure they had enough food and water for several days without me prompting them. They had a good mix of weapons, essentials like 10' poles and iron spikes, and even extra clothes in case they got wet!
  The cons; they brought a grand total of 1 torch and nothing to write on or with.
  They had a single random encounter in the wilderness, a stag, so they did not use rations on their way to the dungeon.
  They spent a lot of time checking out the bodies at the first junction, not realizing they were running out of torch.
  Their first random encounter check was positive and they fought 2 orcs, killing them handily and taking their lantern.
  I did not allow them to map, since they didn't have anything to map with. Within 1 hour of game time, they were lost - this was BEFORE they hit the door maze! Almost out of oil for their looted lantern they got very lucky and the half-elf found the secret door to the hidden supply room. After a fight with the evil gnome raiders inside, they settled down to rest and made torches from the materials in the room.
  They are having a great time and spent an hour recounting the adventure and planning ahead.

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