Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Patented Rick Stump Continual Light Rod

  The name I used for a piece of equipment that was, effectively, standard for all my PCs.
  Work with the description, there was never a picture.
  a wooden rod 6" long and 1" in diameter, has Continual Light cast upon it then a wooden strip is glued to one side with a tab sticking up 1". This is slid into a 6 1/2" long leather case with a slot along one side and a cap attached by cords. The slot has has 6 thongs and eye hooks along its length and there is a loop from the base of the case.
  How it works: The attached wooden strip goes under the slot in the case so, with the cap on, the rod is completely covered, shedding no light. Remove the cap and the light rod is almost like a flash light, shining light out of the end to a very short distance. By sliding the rod further out and securing it by using the thongs and eye hooks plus the tab you can control the amount of light emitted like opening the shutter of a hooded lantern. The loop at the end can be put around a wrist or belt of even through a purpose-made hole in a shield or staff.

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