Thursday, May 30, 2013

If I Had a Permanent Robe of Deeppockets

    Ah, Dragon Magazine #67; quite a famous issue, really.  I had had my subscription renewed for my 15th birthday just a few months before and I wore that issue out with re-reading. Its has so much! The write ups for St. Cuthbert and Iuz; how to adventure on the Astral; the Grugach and the cooshie; and, of course, Fedifensor!
  All of those are worthy of articles. And if you don't know what Fedifensor is, I am so sorry.
  But today I am going to write about what was one page 2 - new spells! Particularly the spell Deeppockets, which I saw as too fun not to use. The very next session the party got a permanent Robe of Deeppockets, an item that is still on my treasure tables.
  Magic Item: Robe of Deeppockets-The robe is of fine make and cut and will magically resize itself over the course of a week to provide a good fit (they come in two sizes - small for gnomes, halflings, and dwarves, and tall for humans, etc.). There are 10 hand-sized pockets within the robe. Each pocket is a separate extra-dimensional space that can hold up to 1/2 a cubit foot of volume and up to 10 lbs of weight. Rules on sharp objects, overloading, etc., are as for a bag of holding.
  Yesterday my 10 year old son, N., emailed me a list entitled "If I had a permanent robe of deeppockets". This prompted me to come up with an even longer list of things it is handy to have along when you have extra-dimensional storage on hand. N.'s items are the first dozen on the list; his notes (are in parentheses) mine are [in brackets]:
1. A Murlynd's spoon and a wooden bowl
2. An Everfull Flask [another unique magic item I will detail later; you can replace it with a Decanter of Endless Water]
3. A nice spot for my familiar
4. tongs
5. empty vials with lids
6. some torches
7. empty wooden box 18 "x 8" x 6" [note: that's .495 cu. ft., making me very proud]
8. Quills, ink, and parchment
9. Scrolls
10. an object with Continual Light
11. a Reduced mummy in a glass jar [I pointed out it would be too bug, so he's looking for a better monster]
12. a ruby ring (for bribes)
[now my stuff]
13. 100 g.p.
14. leather gloves
15. travelling spell books
16. a ceramic vial of Green Slime
17. marbles
18. a jar of pepper and spices [to throw off scent tracking]
19. a towel
20. hacksaw with extra blades
21. chalk [in various colors]
22. a jar of grease [everything from coating squeaky hinges to smearing at the top of a long flight of stairs]
23. tool hammer and chisel
24. a jar of iron filings [good for ghasts and rust monsters]
  So, what small items do you think are useful, imperative, fun, or funny to have along?

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