Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Detailed Charts to Generate Followers - a Far Realms sneak peak

This is a sneak peak at Appendix II - Followers from my upcoming book Far Realms. This section has detailed charts for generating followers for virtually every class!

"Fighters attract followers when they are 9th level or above and have established a stronghold. Followers require no pay other than room and board. A fighter has three types of followers, Troops, Leaders, and Civilians....

Civilians: These are the additional men and women who accompany the character, even in the field. If the player did not add their character's reaction bonus to the Leaders roll it may be added here, instead.
% roll Workers Hirelings Special
01 to 50 1d20+9 Laborers 1 Blacksmith n/a

(will include bearers, teamsters,

etc. as well as simple laborers)

51 to 75 2d20+10 Laborers (as above) Blacksmith Scribe or Steward (50/50)

86 to 90 2d20+10 Laborers (as above) Blacksmith Engineer

Armorer (50/50 for Sapper or Artillerist)

91 to 100 2d20+10 Laborers (as above) Blacksmith (2) Engineer (as above for odds)

Armorer Healer

101 to 115 2d20+10 Laborers (as above) Blacksmith (3) Religious Brother (2nd level)

Armorer Hedge Wizard (3rd level) (50%

Weaponsmith chance)
116 and above 2d20+12 Laborers (as above) Blacksmith (3) Religious Brothers (1 x 3rd,

Armorer (2) 2x 1st level)

Weaponsmith(2) Hedge Wizard (3rd level)
  note: If you are not using the NPC classes from Far Realms replace Religious Brothers with Clerics (of one level lower, minimum of 1st) and Hedge Wizards with Magic-users (of one level lower)."