Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dungeon Master's Log - 1e campaign, part 3

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  Four of my sons returned to In Search of the Unknown. When last we left our heroes they were camped in the door maze. After sleep, re-memorizing spells and a light meal (what with a fear of rations running low) they set out and soon learned that the trail of nails they had left behind was gone. Why? they don't know.
  This time they took a different corridor and encountered the library. After spending some time trying to figure out how the fire beetles got fed and then trying to get to the fire beetles, the left since none of the books were valuable.
  They hit a random encounter (3 orcs) and made short work of them. The monk was particularly effective, although they all did well.  Then - they hot the trick room. I am not going to spell out the full details since the little imps read this blog, but they are now certain they need a dwarf in all 1e parties for the chance to detect shifting rooms and walls.  After another random encounter they ended up - back in the maze of corridors, but they did take a different route, finding the gymnasium and the hobgoblins inside. After a short, but tough, fight they prevailed. The cleric healed as best he could and they continued. After a trip down the zig-zag hallway they went to the three large guest rooms north to south fighting and killing a giant spider, 2 kobolds, and some skeletons respectively. Then the hit the false stairs (which they quickly figured out, to their credit). Starting to get a little sense of direction in the absence of a map they were soon camped in the hidden supply room, resting and healing.

  I am very pleased with how they are working as a party. They have always had sound tactics, but as they flesh out the characters the party is shaping up very well. One insight from post-play review was from the oldest, J., and the second-oldest, A., that they thought parties where all the players weren't brothers might have more trouble working together.
 That is certainly true.

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