Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spell I Wish I Could Cast in Real Life: Create Coffee

This week's Spell I Wish I Could Cast in Real Life is:
  Create Coffee
 Level-2                              Range- 5'
 Casting Time-1s                Components- V, S, M
 Area of Effect- see below  Duration-I hate Instant coffee

 When cast this spell fills the nearest crockery jug with up to 6 cups of piping hot coffee. If mugs are available and within range up to 6 will be filled with individual servings of coffee. No no existing containers are within range the spell will create up to six small, white cups of some flimsy material, each with a half serving of coffee. These cups are useless for anything but holding coffee created by this spell and crumble into white powder within minutes of the coffee being drunk or poured out.

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