Thursday, June 13, 2013

Talking About my next Book - Far Realms

  Far Realms should be wrapped up this week (should be, should be, should be) with editing and formatting done in another week. While it is officially an OSRIC supplement, it is (naturally!) all about being useful with any retroclone or 1e/2e. It is all drawn from the house rules I developed for my Seaward Campaign which I have been running for 34 years.
  Here is a brief summary of many of the contents:

  -Alternate weapon specialization rules
  -Alternate rules for attacks versus scum
  -Alternate rules for demi-human clerics
  -Modifiers for thieving abilities in armor
  -The Danger Sense ability for certain classes
  -Alternate rules for existing races
  -Four new player character classes
  -Alternate rules for initiative
  -Disease and Parasite rules
  -Costs of maintenance and upkeep
  -Three new NPC-only classes
  -Two new hirelings, the Healer and the Merchant
  -Rules for cantrips and orisons
  -12+ new spells
  -Detailed charts to generate followers for characters who establish strongholds

I am including artwork from local young artists (none older than 15!) to encourage young talent - the artists will all receive a portion of the payments made.
  Since this is a direct outgrowth of my years of gaming, it has been a ton of fun writing it.

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